By Scott Bailey © 2018

The cur
That his fur was fine
The Dragon
Entwined, sublime
Around the dog
As he preened
Sat on the mat.
The rat
Sneered as he neared
A disagreed
With the lead of the cur
While the rooster sided with the worm
His belief in showmanship firm
White he strutted
The tiger tutted
And purred,
His chance
The rabbit
Twitched and hopped
Unsure who
To believe
Whether to leave
Or watch
While the snake
Curled around
The ground
Sniffing out
The way ahead
The monkey
And guzzled his beer
Coming near
Without seeing
While the swine
Less divine
Its stomach, not its head
And the bull
Forged on
Sure and strong
One way forward
The stallion danced
And when they glanced
Gave a show
While the goat’s
Slow and sure
Kept time
And amidst them all
That had a clue

Image from Pixabay

In response to my daily prompt Rabbit

#DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

The Cur