Modern Times

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Primary colours or simple fruitClickety click click and point.Open the way to a blind delugeIlluminate the mind Bright blinding highway – superfast.On a never-ending rollSwallow it all until we drownWhere is the straw of truth?

The Cracked Vase

By Scott Bailey © 2013 The vessel is crackedStill holds the sacred bloomsStill reveredThough the blooms are without rootRootless. Dying. Still revered.Water though refreshed,Still stagnatesDead blooms replacedWith freshly cut. RepetitionBuilds a patina of respectAuthorityHabit. The vessel is crackedEmpty of lifeYet forever filledand revered.

The Show

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Bug me, drug meYou’ll never touch my mindNot that you want toAfraid of what you’ll find Afraid of the secretsof someone in the knowAfraid of the exposureof your elaborate show So go on with your programmeSticking to the scriptUntil the day you are awareYou’re playing in a crypt