The Ancient Market

By Scott Bailey © 2015 There is an ancient market squareWhere we all spend our livesAnd round and round the stalls we passConsuming precious time The gates are closed to hold us inWhile hawkers hawk their waresCriers cry of doom beyondThe solid steadfast walls In their towers high aboveLords and ladies gazeDown upon the writhing […]

Deep Sleep

  By Scott Bailey © 2015 Trees on the horizonFingers accusing the sunsetShimmering waters deep The soul of man dividedA fear that never speaksDarkness encroaches deep Thunder in the morningLightning cracks on highRolling sound so deep Division rends asunderLands that had known peaceNow their daughters sleep

Aubade Two

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Dawn sneaks over the hills Light spills through the vales And the veils of the window I see beauty at last Complicated, unfathomable, mystery But right and true Most the world walks by Seeing a different way This morning gives me hope But the light washes out Shadows darken veils […]


By Scott Bailey © 2015 I pause at the doorLook downAt the mess on the floorThink wrylyDon’t trip on my shoes I don’t want to goBelieve me in thatSome things just cannot beI hope you findHappiness one day I could not say goodbyeI am sorryThe chance was goneGive the kidsA big hug from me And […]