Until One Day

By Scott Bailey © 2013 TwoRibbonsOf mistHangTwirling slowlyAround himSittingSilentIn his cageA cage ofGold chainsAndSilver barsBuilt of responsibilityParenthoodHusbandhoodManhoodThe cage compressesThe darkness thatFills itDarkness surrounds himTries to engulf himBut the ribbons of mistTwirlSlowlyAs he waitsUntil One Day Originally published in A Spring of Dreams www.scottandrewbailey.uk

Sound of

By Scott Bailey © 2013 So we worry like old menOn the road to night againWondering what the dawn will bringWill we hear the lonely blackbird singAnd then the heart beats a skip once moreas our dreams falter Complex systems crowd our mindsLight penetrating through the blindsNowhere safe to settle down our thoughtsNo reprise to […]


By Scott Bailey © 2013 We brave explorers togetherWearing imitation leatherAnd as silent as a featherWe toiled through the darkest weather onto our prize Through mountains and valleys we walkedBy tigers and lions were stalkedAnd as brave as we always talkedThere came a time when we just baulked against the size Of the hunger in […]

Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

By Scott Bailey © 2013 In golden age where steel was kingRich voices of great bards there ringThe rising pride of knights there swellsAround the ring where justice dwells Behind the throne where power liesThe dark intent deep in his eyesThe ancient druid gathers spellsAround the ring where justice dwells The jealous son holds his […]