By Scott Bailey © 2015 The world clashes with meOr I with itIts movie reel passes before meAnd I watchObserveBut I am not of itOccasionallyIt brushes mePricks meInterrupts my viewMy observationsAnd the things I should enjoyI don’tUntil I can observe themAgain one dayMy moments passSlippingI can never seemTo be in them

Heavy Hands

By Scott Bailey © 2014 The blood of a million children Is heavy in my hands Slipping through my fingers Like eternal sands Not the consequence of acting But the consequence of not A stain upon my conscience And ever-growing blot So I consume and I create And so I spend and save Consumer and […]

Where the Red Fox Roams

Where the Red Fox Roams By Scott Bailey © 2014 The timid beasties scatterWith tiny racing heartsThe scent of blood approachesThe herd all ways it partsFor hereThe red fox roams The scent of fear it risesAnd fans the fox’s fireInto enslaving passionTo raise the killer higherThusThe red fox roams Filled with hate and ire ofWhere […]

Where the Grey Wolves Grieve

By Scott Bailey © 2014 On a barren plainWhere food and joy are sparseThe desolate packs wanderWatching slow time passHereThe grey wolves grieve With rose stained eyesPatrolling their border widePreserving what is leftOf what they hold insideIt’s whyThe grey wolves grieve They gaze across the deltaTo far off distant timesWhere game and ease were plentyThan […]

Where the White Wolves Dance

By Scott Bailey © 2014 A ring of solid lightHovers just above the groundSpinning with infinityCasts glamour all aroundThis isWhere the white wolves dance It is said the be the childOf the seed of forbidden fruitBorn from secret knowledgeFound on a hidden a hidden routeAround itThe white wolves still dance The colour pulses wildBlue, silver […]