The White Rose Blooms

By Scott Bailey © 2014 A renaissance across the land Throwing off the far-flung shackles For new ones closer to home A new white dawn Grabbing the holy riches Gold crosses forged to swords War in all directions An empire to rebuild Tall ships grew and multiplied New lands found and won The power of […]

The Cur

By Scott Bailey © 2018 The cur Concurred That his fur was fine The Dragon Entwined, sublime Around the dog Agreed As he preened Sat on the mat. The rat Sneered as he neared A disagreed With the lead of the cur While the rooster sided with the worm His belief in showmanship firm White […]

Kit and Kaboodle

By Scott Bailey © 2018 The whole kit and kaboodle Everything you need to get started You will soon be the expert In your new chosen hobby/pastime/pursuit Until the next new thing The next thing to be seen doing Then you will need to get Another whole kit and kaboodle This is the lifecycle Of […]

Behind Again

Struggling again to find time to write or do anything at all that is not for someone else. I am close to giving up for good – there doesn’t seem much point, snatching titbits of time to chase dreams that are ever less likely to come to any fruition. So back to recycling for now.

Shipwreck – Thirteen Tales

Shipwreck Explorers – or pillagers? The line is thin on the high seas, in strange exotic lands. Those that operate without fear of consequence soon learn their folly. There are older powers in the world than gunpowder and steel. Thirteen Tales of Ghosts By Scott Bailey A collection of short stories concerning ghosts. Some are […]

Mother Mercury

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Mercury sang to his mother A plea for help against a world That loved his every word and deed But hated his most secret thoughts They would not accept what he was In the deepest part of his soul When will the world catch up With the genius and the […]


By Scott Bailey © 2013 Swimming in infinity Our thoughts and words and deeds Seeking out affinity Where ideas can become seeds And grow beyond the fates Of our everyday lives And open up the gates where potentiality thrives Originally published in A Spring of Dreams