By Scott Bailey © 2018 See the sky blush with Golden fire heaven sent And then the darkness In response to the daily prompt Blush #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday Advertisements


By Scott Bailey © 2018 When the sea and sky Are equal to the viewer By chance, peace will fall In response to RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #193 Chance&Equal #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday Advertisements

Is it Me?

By Scott Bailey © 2103 Flesh and bones and genes. Is that me? Shirt and tie and jeans Is that me? The places I have been. Is that me? The words of praise, the blame that cuts Is that me? The songs I loved, the books I have read, The colours I paint, what I […]


By Scott Bailey © 2013 There are empty spaces left as people move on, of the spaces of places long gone, of times gone by There is a link between present and past an energy, a potential, strung between the memories gone and the living yet to roll on The link hums with the tension […]


By Scott Bailey © 2018 Nature Claws back its realm Over many ages Verdant fingers prying apart Even The strongest of our creations With persistence of growth Old and fertile Mother In response to the daily prompt Patience #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday Advertisements

Present Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas – here are a few. They are original and different – plus being ebooks they have the advantage of not being hindered by delivery issues 🙂 Mankind Limited Marc trudged on with life, marching in line with his fellow workers. Weighed down by the everyday burdens of life, the […]


By Scott Bailey © 2018 Ideas buried deep in the mind Forgotten, beneath the rubbish The everyday detritus Fermenting Until one day The green shoot Of inspiration In response to the daily prompt Incubate #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday Advertisements