Rejoining the Blogosphere

and asking a favour. So I have been relatively quiet on social media and the blog lately, confining myself to reblogs and teasers. This has largely been down to real life concerns taking over, things that needed attention and drained me. But the other reason is that, having very little time, I dedicated it all […]


By Scott Bailey © 2018 Change Ushered in with ceremony To hide The cracks and flaws Assuage the fears Distract attention From the directors In response to the daily prompt Ceremony   #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday


By Scott Bailey © 2013 I make cars I always have As did my father. Prestige cars. The most famous in the world Made with pride. Made with precision. Made to last. To shine and glide! Every working day. All the working hours. My trusty hands create. I may be steeped in habit Tradition and […]

Cable Ties

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Cables tie us Hold us tight To one spot Even invisible ones Chains Keeping us busy Keeping us attentive Keeping us productive and consuming So when they are cut We are lost Unable to produce As we once did In response to my daily prompt Spot #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday


By Scott Bailey © 2013 A single mote of stardust sparkles bright in endless black drifting No goal, no direction for time that feels eternity Nothing Cold, cold Nothing And then Attracted to another Bright shining mote Joined together Bound in twisting dance round and round and down What seems forever togetherness never apart again […]


By Scott Bailey © 2016 Jealousy A deadly sin So we are taught Over and over Again And when We dare to question The questionable ways Of wealth and power The smirk and hint Jealousy And the lessons rise Prodding our conscience Silencing our voices With guilty pillows Thus Why we are taught What we […]