By Scott Bailey © 2018 Priests Determining the will Of their god Deciding Which lives will be sacrificed To keep it from failing And flailing its limbs in a frenzy That will crash and smash The mighty of the land So the weak are thrown To its lack of mercy To spend their blood At the […]


By Scott Bailey © 2014 Dusty grey pigeon Battered by the wind Ruffled feathers, frantic wings To stay true to course A struggle A tall ship sitting silent In the harbour on Still calm seas Regal, proud and ancient Going nowhere now A queen strutting her stuff Colours on parade While those who earned the […]

Sky Fight

By Scott Bailey © 2014 Flash in the dark blue sky Clash of sword and bone Roar of fire high above Heaven’s thunderous tone Samurai meets his nemesis A dragon of the sky Golden claw fights silver blade Above the mountains high Gods look down with fearful frowns While people gaze above Do they fear […]

The News

By Scott Bailey © 2013 What’s behind the story What is the reason for that news Who gets the benefit, the prize The envelope with the bread The law successfully passed The company tracked greased Somebody’s life made easier At the cost of somebody else In response to my daily prompt Company #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday


By Scott Bailey © 2014 What if Dreams were not the product Of opium But the opium itself? Not the symptom But the cause “Dream on!” They say. Should we? You have to be asleep to dream. In response to my daily prompt Dreams #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

Cable Ties

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Cables tie us Hold us tight To one spot Even invisible ones Chains Keeping us busy Keeping us attentive Keeping us productive and consuming So when they are cut We are lost Unable to produce As we once did In response to my daily prompt Spot #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday