By Scott Bailey © 2014 I have been put in so many boxes No wonder I have lost my head My left hand has lost the right My heart is by the brown bread My eyes are somewhere dark and grim Can’t tell where or when My feet are tied to a tired path They […]


By Scott Bailey 2017 “That’s proper lush, that is” And you are in a time and place While the grammar nazis squirm Layer upon layer of meaning is conveyed Language Being used For its intended purpose In response to my daily prompt Language #DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday


By Scott Bailey © 2014 I Once held back the sea My name lent to these lands I Wandered since the dawn of time Wander lonely still I The unseen walker in the trees Always close behind I The whisperer good rulers heed Then drowned out by greed I have been, am still, will be […]

Present Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas – here are a few. They are original and different – plus being ebooks they have the advantage of not being hindered by delivery issues 🙂 Mankind Limited Marc trudged on with life, marching in line with his fellow workers. Weighed down by the everyday burdens of life, the […]