Word Journey

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Clang, chip! clang chip! Clang chip! Blow.Scratch, dip. Scratch, dip. Scratch, dip. Flow.Block, press. Block press. Block, press. Squeeze.Click, roll. Click, roll. Click, roll. Please.Clackety clack. Clackety clack. Clackety clack. Slide.Tip tap tap. Tip tap tap. Tip tap tap. Pride.Stone to scroll to press to type to screen.Where next the […]

Time is Up

By Scott Bailey © 2013 The fat white manBuilt a castleAnd ruled within his wallsLived with impunityand flowing wealthA harem for his useand other toysspiced and preparedHe slumpsIn his foetidwhiteflesh Those withoutdevaluedcheapTurned cheapness to goldBuilt betterBigger castle The fat white manNever noticed the declineThe decaying wallsThe desertersThe fall TimeisUp www.scottandrewbailey.uk


By Scott Bailey © 2013 Tarns tributaries tumble downheather cloaked hillsred-brown tufts twitching in the windCold water, cold air, eagle riding the high windsWolves range over moorsSheep shiver, shepherds huddleFire crackles, broth steamsTarns tributaries tumble downheather cloaked hills Originally published in A Spring of Dreams www.scottandrewbailey.uk

Around and Around

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Electron around and around an atom’s coreAtoms around and around each otherMass around mass and air around rockRock around and around rockMoon around and around earthEarth around and around SunA billion suns around galactic coreSpiralling into the darkA billion galaxies dance their endless danceAround and around and around I stand […]


By Scott Bailey © 2013 Sparrow, sparrow in my way.Briefly tell your tale today.Tell me if my love is dead.Do I waste the tears I shed? Briefly, now I’ll tell my tale.Pray your courage does not fail.You do not waste the tears you shed.Alas I say, your love is dead. A sharp, cold sword did […]