By Scott Bailey © 2015 Amber brown bristlesFletched trueSightedOn the smooth straight shaftKnockedCreak of woodAnd leatherTense fleshStrength of armYearsOf hard workHard lifePeakedIn tense fleshAimed Deep russet redUndulating tightOver perfect formMoving with suretyStrength and graceSlender neckProud eyesHigh pointsAntlers spectacular Slow high-speedFlightTrueThrough high trunksAncient towersSturdy and roughFlicking leavesPungent smellOf spilt sapOver lazy ferns StruckSunk deepIn perfect fleshDeep […]


By Scott Bailey © 2015 Tales woven over the airTales woven in printTell you where and how to belongAnd to stay there This is your tribeThis is your wayHere’s your beliefsThe way to behave But digital linesWeave different talesSocial arisingCommunities felt So ancient tellersBeware of the lightToo fast to containWith old fashioned lies

Mare Nostrum

By Scott Bailey © 2015 Mare NostrumWe don’t support itThey saidSo it is goneIn other wordsLet them dieStopping people dyingMight encourage them to liveAnd after allWhat are theyBut the victims of warAnd rape and tortureWho wants them cluttering up the place? A fitting epitaphPerhapsFor the West


By Scott Bailey © 2015 From butterflies in spiders websTo wandering dogs down country roadsThese are just some of the deedsOf rescueShe has doneAnd of courseShe rescued my heartFrom certain single lifeAnd ensconced it inA loving family home


By Scott Bailey © 2013 Sparrow, sparrow in my way.Briefly tell your tale today.Tell me if my love is dead.Do I waste the tears I shed? Briefly, now I’ll tell my tale.Pray your courage does not fail.You do not waste the tears you shed.Alas I say, your love is dead. A sharp, cold sword did […]