So, I have already broken my “resolution” to dial back on the blogging – as I discovered this set of prompts for January – #JusJoJan – 2018. So I thought they would be interesting to have a go at.

So the first is drama. I have had my fill of drama this year (Last year now!) so I thought I would take a look at the bigger world view with this one.


By Scott Bailey © 2018

Beneath all the drama
All the bluster and the mustering of arms
The blows and the hot hot wind
The shouts and screams
The glory and the tragedy
The dreams and the hopes
Through every act and movement
Every entrance and exit grand and small
After every curtain call and echo of applause
Do not overlook the fact that
Children died
Brothers and sisters remember

In response to #JusJoJan, JusJoJan.